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What is Xailer ?

Xailer is the result of several years of research and development of and for CA-Clipper / XBase programmers.

Xailer is basically a classes and functions library, that joined to the powerful xHarbour compiler creates graphical applications for all versions of 32 bits Windows operating systems, from Windows 98 SE to Windows Vista Ultimate.

Xailer is also a full featured Integrated Development Enviroment (IDE), with all the tools needed to create powerful Windows applications.

This the Xailer's main modules map, make click over the different sections to know more about this powerful programming tool.

Xailer doesn't need run-times or DLLs since it's a xHarbour based product, it creates a single EXE file easy to install in any computer.

Xailer is also a RAD tool (Rapid Application Development), increase your programming productivity by lowering the time you need to create an application up to 30%, Xailer development is faster than using any other programming tools, because all the stuff you need is integrated and it's easy to use from one single place.

Xailer supports .DBF files with NTX and CDX indexes, it also supports ADT tables with a full support for Advantage Database Server, but also, Xailer includes programming components to access SQL based products using ODBC (Open DataBase Conectivity) or ADO (ActiveX Data Objects) all in a visual way, now you can use Access, FireBird, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Informix, Sybase, Oracle, or any other database engine you want with a few mouse clicks.

Documentation, Support and training.

Xailer comes fully documented in both, English and Spanish, more than 1,300 documentation pages are included in two convenient electronic formats: a PDF file in case you want to print the full document and a CHM file in Windows Help format easily accesible from the IDE at programming time.

Any further questions regarding the use of Xailer can be published in the Xailer's news groups, working 24 hours a day for tech support. These newsgroups are available in both, English and Spanish languages, registered users of the Professional and Enterprise versions can use the private or public newsgroups, demo and personal version users can post their questions in the public news group and can use the private group in read-only mode.

To use the news groups, you can use Outlook Express or Mozilla Thunderbird making click here:


Xailer gives you MORE for your money, other products give you only 3 months of updates, but the basic Xailer version, the Personal one, DOUBLES the update service for 6 months, versions Professional and Enterprise give you a full year of free updates, you don't need to download anything, any time you use the Xailer's IDE it will connect to the Internet, will check for updates, and will download and install all the necesary files, this propietary on-line update technology is included in the Enterprise version for you to make your own update routine.

Xailer is fully object oriented, its way of programming is not complicated if you know the basics of the OOP, to ease your learning curve, soon we will be offering training sessions in the United Sates full in English, our training is also offered monthly in our headquarters in Mexico City and Spain.

If you are interested in our training services, we can offer them at your own facillity anywhere in the World at an extra cost (travel expenses). Our trainers are qualifield Xailer programmers fluent in technical written and spoken english language and we offer both, seminar and samples full in English, please ask for a quote if you are interested in this service.

Which Xailer version is for me ?

Xailer comes in 3 convenient versions to fit your programming needs and your budget: Personal, for those who want to start developing basic Windows applications, Professional for those who need to write mission critical and professional applications and Enterprise with very interesting additional features such native access to MySQL and SQLite..




Class and function library for Windows
Integrated Development Enviroment (IDE)
Complete electronic documentation in English and Spanish
Non-priority tech support service
High priority tech support in private newsgroup
6 months of tech support and updates
1 year of tech support and updates
Source code of the functions and classes library, except some internals.
DataSets components to access different database formats: DBF, ADS and SQL
Full ActiveX Support
Native support for MySQL, not middleware needed, nor ODBC, nor ADO.
Native support for SQLite, not middleware needed, nor ODBC, nor ADO.
Support for Internet downloads using multithreating





Xailer Personal
145,00 €
$ 211.00
Xailer Professional
395,00 €
$ 575.00
Xailer Enterprise
545,00 €
$ 795.00

Buy now, we use: with security certified by:

Requirements to use Xailer:

Computer with Pentium III or higher processor
128 Mbytes RAM (256 better) or higher
100 Mbytes of free hard disk space
Windows98 SE, Windows NT, Windows 2000 (Server or Workstation), Windows XP Professional, Windows 2003 server or Windows Vista operating system
xHarbour Compiler (included with Xailer)
Free Borland C++ version 5.5


Demo version:

Try Xailer now, you can download the Xailer Enterprise Demo, it's fully functional with all the features available, it's limited by:

1) The EXE file generated with the demo version CANNOT BE DISTRIBUTED OR INSTALLED IN ANY OTHER COMPUTER, it will only run in the computer where the demo version is installed.

2) The EXE file generated with the demo version WILL NOT RUN IN STAND ALONE MODE, you will need to open the Xailer's IDE along with the project to run the application.

Once you purchase and register your copy of Xailer, you will be able to distribute royalty free your applications in a single EXE file without limitations.

Xailer Demo Version
xHarbour fully optimized for Xailer


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