Project Manager

The Xailer's project manager is a powerful tool to keep your source code along with your programming resources fully organized.

Under de Xailer concept, every application is a "project". The project manager divides into subdirectories all the different components of your project: Source code (.PRG), header files (.CH), resource files (.RC) and your external function libraries (.LIB files).

The temporary files used by the compiler (.C and .OBJ) are also stored in separated directories.

Xailer shows you a window with all the components of your project, ordered alfabetically, and classified by file type (.PRG, .CH and .RC) if you wish to edit any of these, simply double click over it and Xailer will open the SOURCE CODE EDITOR for you to modify it.

Other programming tools need a .BAT file or an external third party program for compiling and linking an xHarbour application, not matter if the application is for console mode or for Windows; Xailer's Project Manager let you to compile and link your application from the IDE's main menu, or using keyboard acceleratos or clicking the buttons of the IDE's toolbar.

The project manager also shows you all the messages of the compiling process, it also catches all the sintax errors at compile time, opens the file with errors with the source code editor and put the cursor in the editor exactly over the line with error, all this with a single mouse click.

The project manager is fully user configurable, you set where your Xailer installation is, where is your xHarobour and your Borland C++ compiler, all in a visual way.

You can also integrate third party tools or external functions libraries into the Xailer's IDE, you can even change the resource compiler to use a more powerful one that the one included with the Borland C++ Compiler !, in other programming tools this task is difficult or impossible.

The project manager also let you to "publish" your project, the publishing process consist on create a .ZIP file with all the needed components to run your program in other computer with Xailer installed, so you can email your project to be reviewed by other programmer or you can take your project to other computer to keep working on it, so you will not forget or left any thing needed component in other computer, let Xailer do the job for you automatically.

The .ZIP file can be password protected and you can add other components but source code, such the .EXE file, additional .LIB and .OBJ files to be used by your project, even the ERROR.LOG can be included so other programmers can review your program's run time errors.

Xailer also includes a useful BUG TRACKING SYSTEM module, to take control of those annoying errors during the programming stage, you can also register the improves made to the software and it has a "ToDo" list of the missing stuff not yet made to your software.

The bug tracking system also lets you clasify you application "bugs", you can assing them to different programmers to solve the errors and you can control the advance percentage of them.

You can filter the events, control all the programming errors and the solution given to them, so you can create your own Xailer's programming knowledge base.

Xailer's project manager includes a tool to give "versions" to your applications, the info given in this module will be "burned" into the EXE file and then will be visible in the Windows Explorer.


And this only the begining, Xailer has more professional components to create better Windows applications in less time and with less effort than any other xHarbour based programming tool.
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